Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Leading UK War Criminal
Jailed for Possession of a book available on Amazon!

Not only is the UK's judiciary making a proper ass of itself, it is also behaving vindictively and in an overtly racist manner against British Muslims.

Mr Khalid Khaliq, 34, of Beeston, Leeds, has been given a 16 month jail sentence for being in possession of an Al Qaeda Training Manual which is freely available on the Internet and on sale by Amazon.

This indiscriminate persecution was enabled under the Government's fake war on terror and while innocent people are being targeted the real criminals continue to walk free. Now one of Britain's major war criminals, Peter Goldsmith, has come up with the contemptible suggestion that all British school-children should swear an oath of allegiance to his fellow war criminal, the Queen!

By giving her consent to Blair's totally illegal attack on Iraq the Queen became complicit in a major war crime. Now our children are expected to give allegiance to a war criminal!

Desperate that their illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going horribly wrong, doubling the billions spent annually in financing these imperialist adventures, the same rogue politicians are calling for an Armed Forces Day to promote further jingoism whilst at the same time severely curtailing Britons' civil liberties and their right to protest against these illegal wars. Whilst hiding behind a cosmetic patriotism the very same rogues are turning Britain into a police state.

International and national laws are simply ignored by the state when these laws militate against the state's crimes.

One law for the rulers and quite another for the ruled. While Britain's rulers may feel free to continue breaking their own laws they should not be allowed to get away with it quite so easily as they do in a country afflicted by complacency and widespread apathy.

Medialens Comments:

"Brown wraps himself up in a union jack and spouts nationalistic bile. This is embryonic fascism and from a so called labour leader! In nazi germany school children also had to swear allegiance to Germany,the Fatherland, the Fuerher and the swastika.

However it also exposes the paucity of their brains, the narrowness of their thinking when all our leaders can come up with is this puerile tosh. What about taking an oath to improve humanity? to work for peace and friendship, to promote world disarmament, to combat racism, sexism and all inequalities, to work against climate change. Why is Britain blighted by so many dreadful administrations?"

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