Saturday, 26 July 2008

John McDonnell and the final demise of the Labour Party

You won't hear it from the muzzled mainstream media (MSM) or by the state propaganda organ, the BBC, but even prior to Nu Labor's debacle in Scotland last Thursday a leadership challenge to the disgraced Gordon Brown has been in the offings.

The challenger is John McDonnell, one of the few honourable Labour MPs left in Westminster. McDonnell represents the traditional interests of old Labour and the trades unionist base which Nu Labor threw away for the glittering bling of the City, Atlanticism and Thatcherite 'neo-liberalism'.

John McDonnell's bid for the leadership is doomed to fail but it was something that had to happen before the final demise of the Labour Party into history. Sooner or later the Labour Party will break-up into warring factions and McDonnell will become a leader, not just of the Left faction but probably of a new Left Party.

John McDonnell's Blog

The CIA-backed Atlanticists that set out to destroy Labour's social-democracy, starting with Gaitskell through the traitorous Gang of Four and finally Blair and Brown ,will have served their paymasters well in Langley, Virginia.

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