Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Invoking Goetterdaemmerung

My regular readers will notice that I am leaning heavily towards reporting current affairs from the Russian side just now, with even a widget that will connect you directly with Novosti's Russia Today. The reason is simple: in the West we are being made subject to an incessant barrage of lies, half-truths and disinformation and so it has become vitally important that we should hear the other side of a story which has been polarised by the taunting and aggressive, bizarro-world behaviour of a rogue US regime and its minions in Europe.

We have seen, yet again, how NATO is being used as the military-political cat's paw of the neocons who dominate the US two-party dictatorship as it does that in the UK; how, despite Europe's need to build detente and partnership with Russia, its politicians must sacrifice those interests in order to pay unquestioning tribute to an alien power which still insists on its claim to a hegemony, not just in Europe, but to a global, 'full spectrum dominance' which in reality it will never achieve.

We can see how the Anglo-American capitalist fraternities and clubs which were responsible for the fabrication of two world wars are still at it, once again stoking up the rhetoric of war, preparing us for the moment when western capital will go terminally belly-up and there will be nothing left but to pull down the entire sham edifice in a self-fulfilled, desperate, 'pre-emptive' Armageddon.

Socialists have always observed that, as long as capitalism exists on this Earth it will seek enemies where there are none and it will create the conditions for war as a mass blood-sacrifice in the interests and profit of the tiny, unelected minority who rule our world from dark shadows.

And it is precisely those fakes like the UK's acne-nosed boy foreign secretary, the Ashke-nazi Miliband, who pretends to talk peace when in fact he and his neocon masters are upping the ante of war by invoking the first step, "We don't want war ... but", the second being to blame the opponent and the third to demonize the enemy.

Hubris personified, Miliband

These are the three, elementary steps to war as outlined in the Elementary Principals of War Propaganda: (1) We don't want war, (2) It's obvious that in a society with pacifist values it is not popular to declare openly in favour of war, (3) Thus the opposing camp must be solely responsible for war. The last principle is obviously related to the first. If we don't want war it follows that we must blame the enemy for all the atrocities which follow in such a conflict.

Anyone who is half-aware of current events will note that Washington DC has ordered its quislings in Europe --the most loyal being Britain with its accursed 'special relationship'-- to ratchet up the vocabulary of war. And even the right-wing Daily Mail acknowledges it by noting in yesterday's commentary:

Can it really be possible that world peace is threatened once again by ancient rivalries in a small, faraway place of which - let's be frank - most of us had never heard until a few weeks ago? To listen to our posturing young Foreign Secretary (Miliband), cranking up the rhetoric on a trip to the Ukraine, anyone might think so.

and ending with,

For pity's sake, let's keep this crisis in perspective ... We have much to lose - and nothing to gain - by talking ourselves into another Cold War. Mr Miliband should devote all his energies to defusing the crisis - instead of inflaming it.

Precisely. For once, I can agree with the comfortably reactionary views of the Mail. We have everything to lose, including the human species. But you wouldn't think so to listen to the war-mongering chatter emanating from the conduits of most of the MSM including our most-cherished Aunty BBC who is kept alive, vampire-like, only through liberal transfusions of the public's life-blood in the form of a compulsory annual TV licence to be paid or else.

For how much longer are we to be subject to the steady beating of TV wardrums?

As someone has already said, it shows that thinking people are not taken in any more by the media blandwash of backing a shameful (and shameless) discredited government and its ludicrously risible 6th Form foreign secretary. (Little Milly Billy ain't a full shilling, guv, honest. Take them matches orf off him quick before he sets fire to hisself ...)

What puzzles me, quite honestly, is how long the news and editorial staff at the BBC can keep up this pretense? It must be wearing them down, having to spout this garbage day after day, knowing any credibility they once had as serious "journalists" has been flushed down the toilet. And they're intelligent, sensitive people (no irony here) ~~ so it must be taking its toll. Question is, when will one of them crack under the pressure? And say, bugger the kudos and the fat salary and the golden pension ~~ I want to look myself in the mirror once more and not cringe with shame and remorse.

Is there a brave man or woman who will regain their integrity and other peoples' respect?

As for ITV news staff, I'm afraid they sold their souls when they signed the contract. They are damned and beyond redemption, alas.


Damned and beyond redemption indeed. For if it ever comes to war it will be the editorial heads amongst others who conspire against our lives who shall be held as complicit in crimes against humanity. Their hands are already red with the blood of the genocide of eight million killed in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Are they now thirsty for an even greater orgy of death in which a collective Goetterdammerung is to be invoked?

Rory Winter, 28/08/08

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