Friday, 23 January 2009

BBC Refuses to broadcast Gaza Charity Appeal

The BBC's highly one-sided reportage of the Gaza massacre was disgraceful in the extreme ... even for a state broadcasting system whose job is to mirror the pro-Zionist views of the current governing regime in power. Any pretence of unbiased reporting that the BBC might have held was blown a long time ago when Tony Blair finally muzzled Aunty from making the slightest criticism of his imperialist adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now the BBC has gone a step further by banning a humanitarian charity appeal against the much terrorised people of Gaza; a terrorising that the BBC fully endorsed and supported uncritically.

Here the Editors of Medialens describe the BBC's ban and proposes various actions that readers might wish to make.

Rory's Note: After this latest pro-Zionist outrage by the BBC resulting in widespread anger against the BBC, demonstrations, a criticism of the BBC by the government and apparent grass-roots indignation amongst even the BBC staff of this latest it is high time that the publicly-funded BBC is reorganised root-and-branch to get rid of the pro-Zionist influence that has disgraced it internationally.

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