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Bursting the Bubble of Unreality

My regular readers will know that I am not known for paying compliments to the BBC's state propaganda conduit. Besides which, the subheading of Chimes of Freedom is "A Dissident's Take on the News that the Mainstream Media Lie About."

The BBC was always part of the state's propaganda apparat but it became particularly oppressive sometime after Tony Blair dragged Britain into Bush's Iraq massacre --I don't call it a war because that presupposes a fight between two roughly equal sides. Irak was a rout.

After the forced resignation of Greg Dyke the BBC's big white chiefs must get picked for their particular craven servility to the Government and the British Zionist lobby. We saw that recently over the BBC's pro-Israel reportage of the attack on Palestine and its subsequent refusal to broadcast a charity appeal on behalf of the people of Palestine.

In the last few days the BBC's reporting of the London G20 events has been predictably terrible with the deliberate intention of presenting the G20 protests as having been those of irresponsible, immature youth looking out to make trouble and to cause violence. In doing so, of course, both the BBC and the mainstream media (MSM) faithfully kept to the police agenda behind which, no doubt, was another of Brown's unelected regime.

This from a disgusted Medialens message-board correspondent who had been watching the New Laborite apparatchik, Kirsty Wark, on the BBC's Newsnight:

I watched the second half of Newsnight review so didn't catch the name of the woman on the panel. The G20 protests came into the discussion, and all the panelists were incredibly patronising and overbearing in their attitude -- Oh these silly, naive and misguided people on the streets again because spring is in the air ... young men with testosterone to burn etc etc.

But this bloody woman took the biscuit. In her opinion (from watching the news footage) she concluded that "about a third" (if memory serves me) were genuine agitators, anarchists and the like, and the rest were just there "to see what was going on" -- along for the ride -- in other words, a fun day out. For someone who hadn't been there (and I wasn't either I admit) to pontificate with this kind of lofty dismissal on people she didn't know, hadn't spoken to, and hadn't a clue what their reasons were, it was simply breathtaking arrogance.

But then Kirsty Walk and the other guests just nodded along, presumably agreeing with this silly fatuous female. Really, some of these "cultural" commentators who lived in la-la-medialand don't know what century it is.


To which another replied, "Newsnight review is the epitome of snobbism. Mildly watchable if they talk about silly movies, but that is it."

Yes, I would agree about it being the epitome of snobbism. Watching an arty-farty poseur like Mark Kermode, amongst the other talking heads prattling on some film or other, makes me want to throw up. These people perfectly reflect the privileged, middle class make-up of the BBC's mindset. They come from a well-educated, privileged generation who benefited from everything the British Welfare State gave them, became very rich thank you only to support Thatcher's and Blair's systematic dismantling of that same state and to see it replaced by a divided society where the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen day-by-day.

The Warks, the Kermodes and their like live in a bubble of unreality which has nothing to do with the world in which the rest of us live. So naturally they have a heavy investment in ensuring that the bubble is kept afloat. Finally, with the oncoming depression the bubbles are bursting everywhere and that makes them uneasy. Hence the sneering talk of Newsnight's talking heads.

Hence this Establishment's MSM presentation of the G20 protesters as a violent rabble. We hear nothing from them about the war criminals who took us to Afghanistan and Iraq or of the 8 Million dead in those two countries resulting directly from Anglo-American imperialism. Instead they have turned reality on its head: while simply ignoring a scale of genocide which makes that of the Nazis pale they have used the might of their media control to turn their victims, the Islamic world, into shifty terrorists and an enemy within. Joined now by the rabble of the G20 protests.

A man died in those protests. But not a word of it from the BBC. Instead its News 24 drones on sickeningly about the funeral of a celebrity, Jade Goody. If not about that about the NATO summit in Strasbourg where Barack Obama's impending imperialist adventure in Afghanistan is presently being hyped-up, justified once more by that CIA bogeyman, Al Qaeda.

But there's occasionally a laugh to be had. Like that of Channel Four News' Alex Thompson being hijacked by a member of the G20 rabble telling it like it is: "Everything they say on Channel Four is shit!"

The Rabble's Revenge

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