Tuesday, 4 January 2011

News from Airstrip One

If there's anyone out there still labouring under the delusion that we enjoy democracy in this little west European enclave of the US Empire, then they would be advised to read this

The unwritten British Constitution is not only unwritten, it is non-existent. Any society whose 'constitutionality' is based on a series of precedents --as is this one's-- remains under the constant danger that a tyrant will come along and do away with those precedents. This was exactly what happened when Tony Blair used his ill-gotten parliamentary majority to do away with the protection of Habeas Corpus, using the excuse of Bush II's fake War on Terror to take us much further down the road to a police state.

Written in the style of black humour this little booklet exposes the big lie behind the 'bread and circuses' of the 'British Constitution'. The corruption exposed in the MPs expenses scandal lies only at the tip of an iceberg of corruption, privilege and dysfunctionality that plagues this Disunited Kingdom. Something that only some kind of root-and-branch revolution could hope to clean out.

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