Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Boot that Grinds down on Your Face

After the, rather predictable, travesty of justice meted out against a Scots Muslim student, Mohammed Atif Siddique, the message the British state sends out is very clear: if you're a Muslim and a person of colour then watch out, you are a potential victim.

If you own a personal computer you are risking arrest, conviction and incarceration if you store any of these items on your hard disk: articles that may, in any way, be considered to be of a terrorist nature (this covers a wide area, from anything relating to organisations designated as terrorist to, well, anything that is strongly critical of the British or US Governments); links to same (you'll need special software to remove all evidence of such links from your hard disk); pornography (in your case, any pornography found on your hard disk is instantly incriminating, especially in Presbyterian Scotland); any other evidence such as emails sent to friends and relatives expressing your concern and outrage at the government-sponsored persecution of Muslims of colour presently being conducted by George Bush and his flunkies in the Brown government.

If you are non-Muslim and white, you'd better watch it too.

The current persecution against Muslims of colour in the Anglo-Saxon countries is just the beginning and should be treated as the canary-in-the-cage. You're next, that is to say, if you dare raise your voice in dissent against the Government.

You are already being spied-on through the Net and telecom services. You can safely assume that. Both the US snooping services at places like Menwith Hill and the British GCHQ have, for decades, used snooping methods that effectively surveil hundreds of thousands of communications as would a vacuum-cleaner, homing-in on any key-words detected.

This blog is definitely under watch. Our own amateur intelligence methods have detected that time and time again. Being a blog that consistently defends the rights of Muslims as well as being one of dissent which considers the state to be its enemy it is, straightaway, singled out for special attention.

In fact, any blogger who speaks the truth rather than regurgitate the mediocre lies and propaganda of corrupt politicians and the State is automatically suspect.

I will say it until I can say it no longer: what is being done to Muslims of colour today is only the beginning. Twenty-first century capitalism is at siege with Mother Earth herself. Hence everything must be totally controlled and totalitarianized. If white non-Muslims cannot see the writing on the wall now, then they are probably so hopelessly stupid that they will never see it until their turn comes to feel the heavy boot of the State grinding down on their faces.

In the name of all that is holy and precious to you, for God's sake, wake up now and fight the new fascism!

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