Tuesday, 9 October 2007

M. Grouik-Grouik

Fascist Pigs are on the March

Now we have evidence that points to Mr Stephen Gash of the racist, Islamophobe, Stop the Islamisation of Europe (England) No Sharia Here blog as working closely with Mr Bush's Neocon shit-stirrer, Mr Daniel Pipes, to incite race hate against Muslims in Britain and continental Europe.

I cannot divulge that evidence at present but can assure my readers that not only does it exist but it bears out the allegations of my French comrade-in-arms, Christine Louis-Quéré, that the SIOE work closely in an underground network with others including the ubiquitous provocateur, Monsieur Grouik-Grouik, and other racist nasties.

The SIOE has been given permission by the Metropolitan Police to hold an anti-'Islamisation' demonstration in London next 26 October. To date there is absolutely no sign that the sleep-walkers in the Greater London Assembly, headed by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, are going to do anything to ban this march from taking place. Hence London is now at risk of earning the reputation for being a haven where the Right neo-nazis can march with no risk to themselves.

Christine Louis-Quéré is presently preparing a short article in order to denounce Pipes as working with the Bush cabal to destabilise western societies. The manner in which he works through the SIOE is just one isolated example of a much wider campaign on the Internet.


Rory's 6pen'orth: On a slightly flippant note, the cartoon above was copied from a white supremacist forum, Seulement Blanc, illustrating the type of pig that frequents such trashy sites. It reminded me of the ubiquitous Grouik-Grouik who, alas, happens to be of the French bacon variety.

Really now, isn't someone going to write in and complain how I have given the pig, that most intelligent and affectionate creature, a bad press here?

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