Friday, 29 February 2008

Prince Harry, another Royal War Criminal

Aw, spare a thought for Britain's poor Prince Harry who, due to fears for his precious royal ass, is to be stopped from killing Afghanis in a country occupied in the interests of Capital. In its customarily nauseating way the ever-compliant UK media has been indulging in a surfeit of coverage over the last few days of how the secret of his derring-do's there was kept.

If nothing else, the entire episode well illustrates the deep chasm of separation that exists between the manufactured reality of bread and circuses upon which the mainstream media is entirely dependent for perpetuating its own bubble of unreality and that other, little-mentioned world of dis-empowerment in which most of us live. The world to which these, albeit highly-paid, newscasters have to return once their job of disseminating state propaganda is done for the day.

Prince Harry bravely killing the Enemy

Harry Windsor, or Cornet Wales as he is known in the British Army, is said to have killed 30 Afghanis during a suddenly-curtailed tour of duty. What a jolly brave chap! After all, it's young fellows like this who are going out there and doing all this on behalf of their country, brags the dullard Minister for War, Des Brown.

"On behalf of their country"? A nice little anodyne phrase to hide from the real world where the overwhelming majority of Brits remain staunchly opposed to their government's illegal killing spree in Iraq and Afghanistan. No matter how hard either the likes of the miserable Browns (both Gordon and Des) or the MSM try to force-feed us with their shit they will only find it spat back unappreciatively in their faces.

The truth is that in the eyes of international and UK law what the British Government is collectively guilty of are war crimes, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. And by giving her royal assent to an illegal attack on a peaceful country, HM the Queen also became a war criminal together with Emperor Hirohito of war-time Japan. And it was she, we discover, who unerringly guided her idiot grandson, Harry, into the ways of crime.

It's well known that the mentality of the whingeing Brit is to grumble endlessly and then to do nothing. But within these seething masses there are still a few who value above all the dictates of their conscience and common decency. And it is these who will finally prove to be the nemesis of the lying ministers, governments and the rest of the apparat on which Britain's totalitarian state depends.

Contemporary Britain is now in exactly the same place that the Soviet Union found itself forty years ago when the privileged ruling classes were having to defend their interests from the increasingly discontented masses. Every form of coercion and control was used. Yet few took seriously the propaganda that spewed out of the state's media. "Believe the opposite of what they tell you and you won't be far wrong" was the common wisdom of the times.

And now it is our turn in the West to experience another form of totalitarianism. This time, not in the sole interests of the state but also in those of their corporate capitalist masters. No matter, it is still totalitarianism pure and simple that's gaining momentum now as Big Brother greedily grabs out for more and more power to control us all.

The way in which the MSM has promoted the unpleasant story of a common serial-killer in Afghanistan as an example of bravery, patriotism and all things good should tell us just how awry things are going and the terrible sickness that afflicts England's green and pleasant land.

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