Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Venezuela ready to resist any attack by the U.S. empire

• Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro responds to transnational oil company’s campaign

CARACAS, February 11. – Venezuela is ready, trained and strong enough “to confront any attack by the U.S. empire,” said Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro today, PL reports.

Maduro emphasized that the U.S. administration “has not desisted, nor will it desist, in its attempt to destabilize our country, to turn us back and convert us once again into a dependent oil colony.”

Speaking about the new campaign underway against the country, this time by the transnational Exxon Mobil, the minister indicated that it is all a result of Venezuela’s actions over the past several years to reassert the nation’s interests.

He said that as a result of the Bolivarian government’s efforts over the last nine years, “we have built a conscious people, alert, who are not letting themselves be intimidated and who can never be terrorized.”

As to reactions to the Exxon Mobil actions, he affirmed that the existence of two worlds is evident, “that of the opposition traitors” and the one that believes in dignity, sovereignty and independence, which will overcome any situation.

Maduro also emphasized the importance of the current process based on economic independence, which is different to that of previous years, when the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank used to arrive with a “prescription” that the government of the moment would promptly sign.

Translated by Granma International

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