Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Bad Day for Bennelong's Baboon-Lookalike

The champagne corks will be popping in Kangaroo Valley in London tonight. And it's a good day for the rest of us as well because, finally, the Ozzies got to kick out the baboon-like fascist thug, John Howard, described by OpEd as "Bush's rectal appendage" in a humiliating electoral defeat.

Howard always reminded me of one of those classical, idiot Ozzie archetypes straight out of the Edna Everage Show. The kind that any Ozzie would squirm with embarrassment over. And it was this utter shitbag, to continue in the antipodean vernacular, who was responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent Iraqis and who shoved Australia up a place in Bush where the Sun don't shine.

He also turned Australia into a police state as have his partners-in-crime, Tony Blair and Gordon 'The Toad' Brown, Britain. The arrogant Toad knows his come-uppance is still delayable.

But for how much longer?

In the classic manner of all robber barons, Brown has so overstretched the capabilities of the British military that it is no longer viable as a fighting-machine. While social spending has been severely cut back, military expenditure spirals. Imperialist, warmongering Britain comes only second to the USA in military expenditure and leaves the rest of Europe behind.

What a sad epitaph for Britain's End-of-the-Empire-Show!

The baboon Howard even lost his own parliamentary seat, keeping him out of the Australian parliament altogether. Let's hope The Toad is given the same treatment in Britain's next elections. For the only place he belongs is behind bars along with serial-killer, Blair.

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