Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Say No to Africom
from Black Agenda Report

Tuesday, 06 November 2007

AfricomManLooksFlareby Danny Glover and Nicole C. Lee

Cloaked in "humanitarian" guise, the U.S. military's new Africa Command, or Africom, poses an imminent threat to self-determination on the continent. By grouping every country but Egypt under one military umbrella - as if they were already protectorates of the United States - the Pentagon telegraphs its intention to "secure"AfricomCrestReduced Africa's wealth for other people's purposes. Leaders of the Washington-based TransAfrica Forum warn that "misguided unilateral US military policy" has "led to inflamed local conflicts, destabilization of entire regions, billions of wasted dollars and the unnecessary deaths of US soldiers." Rather than accept a U.S.-imposed order, Africans should "develop Africa's own strong, effective and timely security capacities."


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