Thursday, 8 November 2007

Sinister group gets full publicity on BBC
Posted by RMS on Medialens on November 8, 2007

A sinister bunch of unelected neolithic imperialists have formed a UK National Defence Association and given full publicity by the BBC. If they were left wing and called for a cut in defence they would not get a mention.

Some of the choice quotes include the gung ho Col Bob Stewart saying that soldiers are "suffering" on OUR behalf! I would say suffering on Bush and Blair's behalf and the Oil bosses behind them.

"Britain's armed forces are over-stretched and under-funded, a group of former senior military leaders and politicians has warned.
They have formed the UK National Defence Association, led by three ex-chiefs of the defence staff."

"In addition to Lord Guthrie, its patrons are former defence chiefs Admiral Lord Boyce and Marshal of the RAF Lord Craig, as well as ex-foreign secretary Lord Owen.

Other prominent supporters include Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, and Patrick Mercer, the Conservative MP who serves as a defence adviser to the prime minister."

"Col Bob Stewart, a former British commander with UN forces in Bosnia, told the BBC's Breakfast that underfunding meant Britain was "sleepwalking into disaster".

He urged the public to "wake up and listen because the soldiers are suffering on our behalf".

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